1. Why my skins are not accepted?

    We are very sorry, but unfortunately our system does not accept skins that are not currently purchased. The main reasons why skins are not shown::
    • too low price of the skin
    • unstable price of the skin
    • too large amount of a given item in our storage
    In addition, make sure if your items don’t have an active trade blockade put on by Steam. In order to trade an item, you must wait until the end of the trade ban.
  2. When will I receive funds from sell?

    The funds should appear in your account after a few minutes, but for some payment methods, such as bank transfer, it may take a few business days. If your account has still not been credited after a long time, please contact our support department.
  3. How to sell your skins?

    To do it, you just have to log in on SkinCantor through your Steam account. After log in you have to use “Sell” tab and choose items that you want to sell, and finalize transaction after selecting preferred payment method.
  4. How are skin prices set on the website?

    All skin prices are set by our algorithm, which allows us to propose the optimal price for an item that will satisfy our users. The algorithm sets prices to keep the sale and exchange of skins liquid. The value of an item is calculated based on historical data from similar platforms (including Steam).
  5. How much will I gain from selling skins?

    In order to check the exact price we are currently offering for your skins, you must log in to our site and upload your inventory.

    To load your inventory::

    • Log in to SkinCantor.
    • Enter your Steam Trade URL.
    • The system will show your inventory and suggested prices.
  6. Is the website safe?

    SkinCantor guarantees 100% sales security. Our specially designed security measures make the system completely secure.
  7. I have found a bug

    If you found an error on our site, please contact our support team immediately. Thank you for all your information.
  8. I didn’t receive money on account

    If you still haven't received your money after a long time, please contact our support department for verification.



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